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It all starts with Stillness

Here's how you can best help humanity right now: by managing your own "energy"

Good morning Family --

On this stunning, warm, breezy autumn day here in Australia, I am allowing myself to experience an overwhelming gratitude for my life. Even though I am not getting what I "think" I need to be "okay". LOL.

As I sit still and observe, I am experiencing at least one spiritual gift in all of this mess. My brothers and sisters are moving from saying "I" and "us" to "WE". There's been a surprise revelation that we're all connected and in this together.

It's not just about me. Not just about my family. Every sentient being on the planet is affected by this crisis. And if we are all ONE, then what can I do for others?

The answer has been surprising.

My spiritual teachers say that the first thing I need to do is to get still. To sit in quiet contemplation of what is going on. Allowing myself to feel the fear, the anxiety, the worry, the hope, the compassion. Feeling everything.

This runs completely contrary to the way my ego mind works. Phyllis, the voice of my dis-ease and fear, yells that I need to DO something. Panic-buy groceries. Build a bunker. Save others. Run away. Eat cookies. These impulses are all distractions that keep me from connecting with my feelings and Inner Knowing. From being in this NOW moment.

So I try to sit down and meditate, even when I don't want to. It turns out that the best thing that I can do for myself and others is to be grounded and centred. To manage my energy, my "vibration", so that I am not projecting fear and panic.

If I can connect to love, gratitude, compassion and kindness FIRST, then I am much more likely to make better decisions in these times of uncertainly. And by lifting my vibration and energy, I am not contributing to the choking wave of fear that is rocking the planet. If I am moving about in compassion and kindness, won't that energy help others?

And here's the greatest knowing that I can offer to others: To remember that I am an eternal soul having a temporary human experience. NOT a human being trying to have a spiritual experience. And to remind others of that.

So if you are also an eternal soul having a human experience, could that belief affect your experience of what is going on in the world? Is this a painful but necessary awakening? An unplug from The Matrix? A re-membering that we are all one? A re-connecting to the rays of sunshine that we all are?

Sending you all love and awakenings, so that you can re-connect to your souls' true purposes. Namaste.

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