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my clients say

"I have had the pleasure of receiving Love, support and healing from Scott. I felt safe enough to be vulnerable and experience a huge step in my own development. I can not thank him enough. This man is one of the most loving and caring men I have met. With a huge journey of his own, I felt safe and understood enough to be me. For that I am eternally grateful. Much love and respect." BENJAMIN A

"Scott is deeply connected to the Sprit world and always delivers exactly what message is needed." KIM BLEEZE, noted medium and psychic 

"A reading with Scott brings you to a place of honesty with yourself. There is no hiding from your truth when you are sitting across from him. Scott helps to unfold the mystery of your life in a loving and supportive way. After every reading and healing I have had with Scott, I can honestly say the course of my life has been changed for the better. I remember my first reading with him years ago. Normally I would have blabbered on throughout and felt the need to talk at any point I could. But with him I was quiet, taking it all in, listening to every word that he spoke as if it was sacred. Because it was sacred.

Since that reading, I always come to Scott when I need some divine guidance. Scott is kind, loving and generous, one of the most generous people I know. What a blessing to know him! Thank you for everything." LACHLAN HARKNESS

"Scott is an incredible psychic reader and medium. Whenever I am going through a big shift in my life or feel stuck, his readings help to shift a lot of stuck energy so that I can move forwards with my life in a direction that is best for me.


He also kindly and compassionately can help to point out your blind spots where you may be unconsciously self sabotaging - he brings amazing intuitive awareness into your life. His readings are always spot on and seriously life changing. His healings are also incredibly powerful to clear any blocks or stuck energy, and he is incredibly compassionate and supportive throughout the entire session and is an amazing spiritual guide. Would highly recommend his readings, healings or work!" ELOISE FIELKE, psychic and medium

"I have known Scott for many years and can honestly say that he is an amazing healer and psychic medium. Scott works in a space of love and integrity, so if you are needing clarity delivered in a compassionate and joyous way, I recommend Scott" SHARON NICHOL

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