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Energy Healer, Intuitive, Recovery Coach

Scott grasso



Hello Family, Scott here. I'm a healer, intuitive, psychic reader, recovery coach, recovering alcoholic and former corporate stiff. Livin' the dream in Melbourne Australia.


For the last 31 years I have supported people who want to heal, creating a path out of fear, darkness and addiction. And I connect my brothers and sisters with their spirit teams and loved ones.


My passion is to support you to live a joyous, aware, rigorously honest and abundant life. I combine the healing arts, spiritual modalities, recovery program principles and my life experiences to help you get clarity about your life and your soul's purpose.


It is my experience that when I honestly face my challenges and learn to practice self-acceptance and self-love, my life and my outside world changes. And yours will too.​ I will help you to identify and remove the beliefs, behaviours and obstacles that keep you stuck in various areas of your life.


Talk to me about how I can support your life's journey and to get you living the life that you were meant to live. Our first coaching meeting is free, so that we can make sure that we resonate with each other. 

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